Nicole Mohrmann has spent years cultivating good relationships with her suppliers in India who are able to fulfill the vision of Nimo. Using the finest of silk, her materials are sourced by suppliers of good conscience, with an eye for high quality and meticulous detail.

Pattern + Cutting

Working closely together with her suppliers, Nicole makes sure that her patterns and cuts are consistent with customer needs. Always on the lookout for new silhouettes embracing the feminine shape.

Block Printing

In order to provide a more bespoke collection, Nimo uses block printing for a unique signature. Customers wishing to stand out against the backdrop of conformity welcome this exclusivity.

Finishing + Tayloring

The tailoring of the collection is not fast, but precise, and consistent. Working together with generations of expertise who sew their artistic spirit into each, and every piece of the collection. Each garment is hand-made, and given full attention to detail. Finishing refers to how a fabric is turned into a wearable textile by dyeing, or manipulating the weave. This process is carefully executed by experienced weavers, craftsman and artisans who rely on longstanding methods guaranteeing high durability.


A small shell strategically placed, fine embroidery on a neckline or colorful stitching makes each piece unique. It's the small details here and there which complete the garment. Finite, and small which leaves a lasting impression.