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The designer

An avid traveller, and lover of adventure, an ensemble of Nicole Mohrmann's passions and talents are woven into each garment of the Nimo collection.

Scanning the globe for inspiration, not afraid to leap into bold layers of color or emphasize the necessity for finite details. Little butterfly embellishments, or a single row of natural beads completes the flirty and fun feeling without overpowering the silhouettes.

with love Nicole
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The inspiration for Nimo was launched in 2009 when Nicole Mohrmann was unable to find an up to date bohemian-inspired collection for her shops. No stranger to fashion, with over 16 years experience in the business, her journey brought her to India. Nicole Mohrmann's keen eye for chic fashion has attracted the European press for years. Her impeccably managed multi-door stores and website have been featured in countless publications including Elle, Vogue, InStyle and many others.

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It is part of the Nimo philosophy to work together with craftsmen who share my vision and concept of the collection. It is important that I work with small companies based in India so that I can stay in close contact making sure that each piece captures our values. Producing high quality apparel for our customers is a focal point. Meeting the demands of the market and producing an extraordinary collection is always our aim.